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Raining all day long in Camas , near Sevilla . I m in Salud place since 3 days . Thanks to her for allowing me to stay at least one more day in the living room. Due i lead a nomad life, here i feel some protection and outside uncertainty is a constant .

I take this opportunity to share content that comes to me by email from California send by Jason Prall, Host, Awaken The Healer, Within from the Awakened Collective and Sarah Otto , the producer and host of The Gut-Immune Solution. She was motivated to create this groundbreaking series after she overcame her own struggles with autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue by healing her gut.

I’ll watch this weekend that I’m still connected and so you can also see for free until tomorrow

Replay Weekend Is On Now!

(20th – 21st November)

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All ten episodes of The Gut-Immune Solution are available to watch this weekend only! So, grab a blanket, a warm cup of tea, a notebook, and get ready to learn! 

Replay Marathon

Watch All 10 Episodes

During The Replay Weekend

Episode 1:
The Microbiome & Immunity: Solutions to Prevent Disease & Cultivate Resilience’

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Episode 2:
Leaky Gut Solutions: Balance Your Immune System by Healing Your Gut’

Episode 3:
The Microbiome Diet: How to Eat for Optimal Immunity’

Episode 4:
Fortify Immunity with Natural Solutions for Dysbiosis, Bloating, & Constipation’

Episode 5:
What to Do When You Get Exposed: Proven Solutions for a Healthy Immune Response’

Episode 6:
Soothe Inflammation to Prevent Disease: Solutions for Autoimmunity & Neuroinflammation’

Episode 7:
How Toxins Impact Your Immunity & the Right Way to Detoxify for Better Health’

Episode 8:
Build Resilience by Restoring Your Vagus Nerve: Solutions for Stress, Trauma & Sleep’

Episode 9:
Nutrition Solutions for Metabolism, Diabetes, & Heart Disease’

Episode 10:
The Longevity Diet: Food Solutions for Lasting Health & Immunity’

Improving your gut health and immune function are critical pieces to maintaining long-term health and preventing cancer.

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