Zapa7ir project

Visual poetry

Zapa7ir’s ♥ research-based art project in development. Generates value by providing distinctive approaches through eCo Design and Transformational Contents.

You can consider it a small business on/offline based around sharing and selling digital and physical goods.

Healing Arts | Psychedelic Movement | Energy Work | Alternative Medicines| Ecology| Meditation | Breath Work | Somatic Practices

are in the present the main focus of our interest


Under development

Raising funds .The funds will be used to help fuel the launch of Zapa7ir Space, a platform for healers and  creators  to do more research and production around their practices

Websites with different domains, and , that one point will merge in virtual in a net Frontend domain, where the user can publish their content with a link to a virtual store where the user can sell their originals or choose their design and products such as clothing, accessories, mugs, canvas.

missing Gather works from a range of creators and curators.


take care of and monitor growth


Freedom, Creativity, Sustainability, Honesty


Contribute to the development of artistic and curative activities.
Facilitate knowledge transfer. Attract foreign capital. contribute to the recovery and dynamization of abandoned spaces, site specific and bio constructions

VISION Eyesight

Create and maintain sustainable and wealth-generating organics
Strengthen interdisciplinary and curative Arts.
Promote the intersection of other areas of interest such as alternative medicine, personal, collective and spiritual development
To attract


Generate new dynamics in the digital economy market, with the production of new creative and alternative content produced nationally and internationally. ROI
Reinforce the critical mass of the creative and alternative capital of the Country and the Planet


Diversify the national economic base, creating new activities and services and encouraging the emergence of alternative markets.
Enhancement of Portuguese and international cultural capital .



Artworks > Content Creation

Printed materials . Photo . Illustration (home decor, clothes and accessories)

Website for share and sell art & design based content and publish authorship articles

It offers photography and web design services. plus Development. Design Spaces site specific
Video * conception , recording & post production


Developments on Creative Space


Eco Art Based Site Specific in Woods adaptation, co creation, eco design,  environmental changes

NET Working on a Biz model based on distributing links and offers to third-party publishers by Researching for top performing products, and promoting good deals as a network partner. Crossing areas of interest such as ecology, science, personal, collective and spiritual development.

Website for share and sell transformational based content and publish articles related to personal healing , colective and spiritual development


Increase Sales, Leads, Revenue
from adds and affiliate links

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